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“The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it; for he founded it on the seas and established it on the waters.” Psalm 24:1-2
One-Off Sermons 2017 2017-01-29 - Authentic Worship. John 4v4-21 (Clive Baxter) 2017-02-12 - Christ in the Old Testament. Luke 24v13-35. (Sus Chowdhury) 2017-03-12 - A Permissive Society - Keith Harrison (John 1v1-14, Col 2v6 -10).mp3 2016 2016-01-10 - The Tame Geese (Finding Your Wings) (Matt 2v1-12) Alastair Bartholomew 2016-01-10 - All Change! (Isaiah 43v14-25, Phil 1v3-6) Clive Baxter 2016-02-14 - A Love Worth Giving (John 15v9-17, 1 John 4v7-21) Clive Baxter 2016-03-20 - Palm Sunday, Clive Baxter (Matt 21v1-17) 2016-03-27 - Easter Sunday, John Hammond (Luke 24v1-12) 2016-04-24 - Being the Good News, Simon Walkling (Jn 13v31-35, Rev 21v1-6).1st Service 2016-04-24 - Being the Good News, Simon Walkling (Acts 11v1-18, Jn 14v15-21).2nd Service 2016-07-17 - Giving God Your Best, Malachi 1, Clive Baxter 2016-07-31 - Giving & Receiving, (Gen 2v21-24,Mk 12v41-44, Acts 2v1-4) John Hammond 2016-08-14 - Our Identity and Future in Christ (Ps 85v8-13, Eph 1v3-14) Keith Harrison 2016-08-21 - Strangers in a Strange Land (Gen 12v1-6, Heb 11v8-12) (with sketch!) Dave & Janet Jewell 2016-08-28 - I Will Build My Church (Matt 16v13-20, Acts 2v37-47) David Morris 2016-09-11 - The Wedding Banquet (Matt 22v1-14, Phil 4v1-9, Clive Baxter 2016-09-25 - Harvest - Feeding the 5000 (John 6v1-15, 35-40) (Neil Kirkham) 2016-10-09 - Where Are You Now? (Ephesians 1v1-14)(Clive Baxter) 2016-10-30 - Miracles, Psalm 62v5-8, Matt 6v25-34, John & Kath Hammond 2016-11-13 - Salvation comes to Zaccheus (Ps 34v1-8, Luke 19v1-10) Eckhard Bodenstein 2016-11-13 - For this Reason I kneel before the Father (Eph 3v14-21, John 3v16-17) Bev Bodenstein 2016-11-20 - People of the Resurrection (Job 19v23-27, Luke 20v27-40) Rev Ian Jennings 2016-12-25 - An Unexpected Christmas (Neil Kirkham) 2015 Archive 2015-05-17 - Intimacy with God.  First Service, Clive Baxter 2015-05-24 - Pentecost.  First Service, Neil Kirkham 2015-07-05 - The Three Rivers.  Joint service, John Dowber (Matt 3:11-17, Rev 21:21-22:5) 2015-07-12 - Hear, O Israel.  First Service, Barry Bond (Mark 12:28-34) 2015-07-19 - Knowing God.  First Service, Clive Baxter (Psalm 139) 2015-07-26 - Why Does a Good God Allow Bad Things to Happen? Second Service, Dave Jewell (Romans 8:9-30) 2015-08-02 - Dedication Service for Baby Beatrix, Joint Communion Service, Dave Jewell (Deut 6:4-9) 2015-08-09 - The Potter and the Clay, 1st Service, (David Morris)(Jer 18v1-4, 2 Cor 5v16-21) 2015-08-09 - Scriptural Covenants, Second Service, Sus Chowdhury (Jer 31v31-34, Matt 26v26-28, Heb 8v7-13) 2015-08-16 - Lord, Help Thou My Unbelief, First Service, Clive Baxter (Mark 9v14-29) 2015-08-23 - Listening to God (Mary and Martha), First Service, Dave Jewell, Luke 10v38-42 2015-08-23 - Listening to God (Mary and Martha), Second Service, Dave Jewell, Luke 10v38-42 2015-08-30 - God is Love, 2nd Service, Clive Baxter, (1 John 4v7-21) 2015-09-06 - Dedication of Beatrice Alves, Neil Kirkham, (Gen 3v1-13, Heb 8v7-13) 2015-09-13 - Taking Your Spiritual Temperature, Dave Jewell (2 Peter 3) 2015-09-20 - The Refugee Crisis, Neil Kirkham (Num 21v21-25, Matt 2v13-23) 2015-09-27 - Harvest Sunday, Neil Kirkham (John 4v27-39) 2015-10-04 - Dedication of Cadan Clarkson-Fill, Neil Kirkham (Psalm 119v9-16) 2015-10-11 - The Pearl of Great Price, David Morris (Matt 13v44-46) 2015-10-11 - Forgiveness, John Hammond (Gen 33v3-4,50v16-21, Lk 15v17-24, Jn 21v15-19, Lk 23v34) 2015-10-25 - Forgiveness, Clive Baxter (John 4v7-26) 2015-11-08 - Remembrance Sunday, Neil Kirkham (Deut 31v1-8, Heb 12v1-7) 2015-11-29 - Are we in the End Times?, Keith Harrison (Ps 25v1-10, Luke 21v25-36) 2015-12-20 - Lessons and Carols. The Story of Humpty Dumpty (Sus Chowdhury) 2015-12-25 - Christmas Morning. The John Lewis Advert (Neil Kirkham)